Lbmm loses her mind

Packing packing packing. I feel like all I've done since Taylor and I got married is pack and unpack buckets, boxes, and bags.

Three days after our wedding, (also the week of Taylor's UPT graduation) we had to move out of the house he was living in. We chose to save ourselves from the stress of moving two houses at once and paid my roommate through the month of April so we could take our time getting my junk out. Anyways, the housing here didn't really think we needed a place to stay while we waited to leave for New Jersey so they wouldn't let us sign a lease. Awesome. So we had an extremely nice friend offer up a bedroom and we moved only our necessities. (yeah right, more like anything we could fit in here.)

Our original plan was for Taylor to do his training out of state while I visited all the loved ones I could in the span of 3 weeks. Obviously you know that didn't happen because I said "original" plan. Before I could go anywhere, I had to acquire our orders so I could have everything set up and ready to go before we leave. (you know, so that people can come in and do all of our heavy lifting for us.) what was supposed to be ready in "a couple of days" ended up taking three and a half weeks. Yes, WEEKS.

Also what should have been done by Taylor before he left, had to be done by the person who has been apart of the military life for a whole 35 days. I said approximately 742,000 prayers before doing all of my paperwork that I wouldn't mess anything up. I hope I didn't but I guess we will find out once the movers either show up or they don't.

 It's been a weird couple of weeks around here without Taylor. First of all, he left without leaving me a debit card or any cash. And then the bank told me we would have to go through the weeklong process we had just completed because they couldn't locate our paperwork. Oh and also that they needed my husband's signature. I don't believe survival training includes how to print and fax from a remote area. So I let that battle go. Who needs money anyways?

 Then once our orders finally came in, I had a mild panic attack because I couldn't remember all the things I had to do with them. If I'm trying really hard to remember something, I always forget it. I'm a "can't see the Forrest through the trees" kind of person. (right saying? Who knows?) Oh and also back on the whole moving thing. Where the hockey sticks am I supposed to put all our stuff? All the things we have are items we couldn't put in storage. If only I wasn't completely cut off from communication with Taylor. He is so much better at knowing the reasonable answer to everything. After he spends three days researching of course.

 This morning was the icing on my cake. Actually I like icing and cake so this was the bird poop on my windshield. Which I hate. It rained about 37 inches last night and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees (that part is true btdubs) so when I walked out to my car to go to my very important "moving meeting", I was greeted by FOUR low tires. Yes you counted correctly. ALL OF THEM. Once again, I just wanted my husband back. I drove to the gas station on base and wouldn't you know, the air pump had been run over and wouldn't work. I didn't have time to go anywhere else and plus, let's not forget that it was still raining. So I went to my appointment and decided not to think about it. Mature. I didn't leave base today so maybe I'll get around to it tomorrow?

 I'm not writing any of this to have a pity party (because I already had one for myself this week). I just wanted to write it all down for memory's sake. So I can look back and laugh at myself and the disaster that I am today. Also, these past couple of crazy weeks have made me realize how much Taylor does for me! Kind of sad but it does give us an automatic to-do list once he gets home. And once again back to the original packing subject. I am almost done and I think I have a plan for places to put everything. Also? I have been blown away by the generosity of our friends here. They have stepped up to volunteer to help me move, give me a place to stay once I move, offered boxes, advice, listened to me freak out over and over and over and over again. Seriously, people. I love you all.

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Paige Bailey Photography said...

Oh my goodness! Babe! I wish you lived here, we could totally help you out. praying for you guys during this time! i love you!


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