Picture Dump

Mmmmk. I think it's time for a brain dump. First off, pictures from my phone. These are mainly from the last month or so. As I was looking back through my phone pictures, I realized one thing....

I don't always take pictures...but when I do, I try to take them of the crappiest crap I can find. 

So, these are the only ones I'm willing to show you. Lame, I know. 

While Taylor was away, I took the opportunity to exercise my crazy organizing skills and put all of the important documents he had been storing in an accordion folder into a somewhat manageable system. I blurred everything important out, but you can clearly see my love of labeled tabs and plastic. It's what truly makes my heart happy. 

This box is what our thank you notes first arrived in back in December sometime. Every time we traveled, I would pack up my thank you notes and use my car time to finish some. The box has slowly deteriorated and has had several lives given back in the form of bad tape-jobs. If there's one thing this giant move has taught me, it's to never let go of a good sized box. 

I find a lot of these silly pictures on pinterest and sadly spend way too much time sending them to friends. They make me laugh so hard and say the things I don't have the courage to. This is just a small sampling of the ones I love. I really need to delete about 30 of them off of my phone.

I love receiving cards. These are ALL of the cards we received over the course of our engagement, showers, and at the wedding. I put them on a ring and I shall love them forever and ever. Occasionally, I look back through them. That's not weird, right? RIGHT?

This is Taylor's family cat. I like to call her evil kitty, but she is otherwise known as Lilly. This is Kris and I torturing playing with her. I think it took him 10 minutes to corner her so he could pick her up. In case you were wondering, Lilly and I are not friends. I still haven't forgiven her for attacking me as I slept on the couch one time. And she will never forgive me for taking over her space.

I went to Rudy's the other morning for a breakfast taco. I had to honk my horn before they noticed me and as they were giving me my change, I was chastised for not pulling close enough to the building so that they could hear the chime. Um, I'm sorry. I believe this picture is evidence that I really couldn't accomplish that. Also, you should know that I could totally see them from my car so I assumed they could see me. I guess assumptions in Del Rio get you nowhere.

This is the river just on the other side of town. On the right is Mexico and on the left is Texas. This is going to be what we miss most about our time here. Also, this is the trip that Taylor lost his phone in the water. But you didn't hear that from me....

And now, the rest of the dump will come from my brain. 

--We are currently residing in a temporary living facility on base because we are homeless. Our shipment of household goods goes out first thing tomorrow and then we will peace out the following week. I have to admit, our current setup isn't so bad. We have cable (REALLY great cable, actually), internet (not so great internet), a washer/dryer, and pretty much everything else you could need for 10 days. It's also our first place we haven't had to share with anyone else since we were married! BONUS!

--So, embarrassing story time:

Earlier this week, I had a teeny-tiny procedure done on my arm. (So small, it's not even worth mentioning what it was for.) In LBMM form though, I turned it into a disaster. The nurse asked if I had a problem with fainting or seeing blood and I told her I was completely 100% fine with it and absolutely would not pass out. I really and truly did not know that I couldn't handle the sight of my own blood. So, they started the two-minute procedure and before I knew it, I was being woken up with oxygen and my feet above my head. WHAT. A. LOSER. I was told that I hyperventilated and passed out. All I can remember though was trying so hard not to think about what was going on and then getting really sleepy. After I realized what had happened, I was incredibly embarrassed for being such a weenie. I mean, REALLY.

The next morning, I had to change my band-aid and as I was pulling it off, it reopened my cut and one second, I wasn't bothered at all by the sight of it and the next, I woke up to my head hitting the floor. (That really hurt, b-t-dubs.) I had to have my friend change my BAND-AID. Seriously.

Today, I had to go back into the Dr.'s office to finish filling out some paperwork and when I told the office what happened, they actually laughed at me. So did Taylor when he saw how tiny the cut was. 

--I think it's well known that I have a love for terrible television. My current obsession is with the ABC family show, Pretty Little Liars. I haven't found anyone yet who will watch it with me, so I have to do it on the computer when no one else is around. Also, I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy in like three seasons. I heard rumors of a crazy season finale so I watched it and now I'm hooked again. At least until I know who lives and who doesn't. I'm sad that I will miss so many good shows while we are moving and living in hotels for the next month. 

Ok, this dump is complete. (Isn't that a lovely way to put it?) Until next time. Or when I have an embarrassing story to share. 

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