2012 in Review

So, 2012.


January through May felt like it's own year because of all the life events we jam packed into those months. I naively thought life would slow down once we moved. HA! June through December felt like another entire year.

January: We drove to College Station for our annual MLK weekend celebration with the Seidels. It was and still is one of our very favorite traditions. We just bought our tickets to the next one in a couple of weeks!

February: We drove one weekend to Lubbock and the next to Frost for wedding showers. So many miles, so little sleep.

March: The best and busiest month of our year. I went to College Station for my bachelorette party one weekend, I turned 23 the next, Taylor got his first choice aircraft, and the last weekend we got married.

April: Taylor graduated from Pilot training and we enjoyed the next three weeks of marriage living in a bedroom of a friend's house. (Once we were married, Taylor no longer qualified for single officer housing and had to move out of his house. Since we would be moving soon though, the base wouldn't give us our own.) I finished up work and Taylor left for a month of training. (A month of training that would forever change our life plans.)

May: I spent the month moving our stuff into storage (during the one and only torrential downpour in Del Rio, Texas), and also traveling to see family that we would soon be far away from.

June: We moved! The day before we pulled into our new home, we got a phone call letting us know that we would be moving a week later to California for the next three months. Our new home proved to be mucho fun and adventurous. Not so fun was the lack of a kitchen. We ate approximately 80 sandwiches between the two of us during June.

July: More of the same as June. Also, more sandwiches.

August: The lowest and craziest month of our year. Taylor was diagnosed with diabetes and we learned that flying planes was no longer in his future. We were pretty bummed but glad that Taylor was finally healthy again. (Remember the month long trip in May? That's when it all started!)

September: We moved back to Jersey and began assembling our first home together. (We had never lived together in anything but a single bedroom or a hotel room.) Taylor's mom and sister were our very first visitors!

October: This is the one month that I don't remember. We had a trip to Texas for a wedding, our first East Coast fall, and a few Ikea adventures. Taylor also started working on building our bed! Oh, and a hurricane.

November:  The hurricane was followed by four days of no power and sinking temperatures. Just as our lights (and heat!) came back on, we found ourselves in the middle of a Nor'easter. The next day, temperatures were back up into the 60's and the snow was gone along with all the pretty leaves. We spent Thanksgiving in DC with Taylor's sister and then welcomed our second visitors the week after!

December: Taylor turned 25 and we hung out with Katie and Kirsten in The Big Apple. I spent a week in Texas with my family and then it was time to head to Lubbock for Christmas. We just got back and are getting ready to spend our first New Year's Eve all by ourselves. (Sidenote: Today is NINE months of marriage!)

So like I said...the year was absolutely insane. I don't know how we made it out alive, but here we are, preparing for another one.  I hope I'm ready for whatever crazy 2013 decides to bring. (But no babies, please.)

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