Back to the Future!

So apparently I am on my way to becoming a true American citizen. A while ago Taylor was watching "Back to the Future" and I mentioned that I had never seen it before. I was then informed that our entire relationship was in question as well as my citizenship. So the next thing I did was put it on my netflix queue and when it came in today, I sat down to watch it.

Now, I don't usually stray from my beloved Disney, chick-flick, feel good movies and so since all I knew about this one is that it had to do with time travel (????) I was a little worried! Luckily though it turned out to be just my kind of movie! I absolutely loved it and can't wait to send it back in and get "Back to the Future 2"!! 

ALSO a plus--Taylor and I can continue with our relationship. And that makes me very happy!

Now as far as my citizenship? I have to watch all 3 first . . . 

Now on a completely unrelated side-note . . .Ring Dance is 3 weeks away! My dress isn't in yet but hopefully sometime soon! I can't wait to see it and wear it and take pictures of it. 
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