Back to the Future!

So apparently I am on my way to becoming a true American citizen. A while ago Taylor was watching "Back to the Future" and I mentioned that I had never seen it before. I was then informed that our entire relationship was in question as well as my citizenship. So the next thing I did was put it on my netflix queue and when it came in today, I sat down to watch it.

Now, I don't usually stray from my beloved Disney, chick-flick, feel good movies and so since all I knew about this one is that it had to do with time travel (????) I was a little worried! Luckily though it turned out to be just my kind of movie! I absolutely loved it and can't wait to send it back in and get "Back to the Future 2"!! 

ALSO a plus--Taylor and I can continue with our relationship. And that makes me very happy!

Now as far as my citizenship? I have to watch all 3 first . . . 

Now on a completely unrelated side-note . . .Ring Dance is 3 weeks away! My dress isn't in yet but hopefully sometime soon! I can't wait to see it and wear it and take pictures of it. 


The Seidel Six said...

LOL! I am SO glad you and Taylor can now continue your relationship! And, I can't wait to see the pictures of the dress!

wlverett said...

LBMM I can't believe you had never seen back to the future!! I'm so glad you have now experienced its awesomeness.

LBMM said...

Whitney: I can't believe I never knew what I was missing!! and I am glad needs to hurry up with the next one!!

Sarah: ME TOO...on both accounts

Taylor said...

You're welcome for bringing the greatness, that is the Back to the Future series, into your life. And tell the dress company to hurry up. You still gotta get it tailored to LBMM size!


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