It's 11 on Tuesday night and I really need to do a couple of homework assignments for class tomorrow. The perfect time to blog, right?! I have senioritis so bad I can barely force myself to think about school!

I cannot wait for May to get here!

But before that happens...Novemeber must get here. And November means AGGIE RING DAY! It is only 16 days away and I can't wait for that either. I feel like I spend my days counting down to the next big event! Whether it be a visit with Taylor, a pretty gold ring, a holiday, or graduation. I have numerous countdowns to look forward to!

This past weekend, I traveled to Lubbock to visit Texas Tech University to look at their grad school for next fall. I've been to Lubbock a few times but I haven't ever been to the school there. Or without Taylor! In May I went up there with my Cassie to visit Kristofer and unwind after finals thinking that Taylor was taking some tests of his own. Little did I know...he flew in and surprised me! I was kind of hoping the same thing would happen this time but it didn't. I still had an awesome time with Kristofer and Ryan! We went to Midnight Yell and witnessed some rogue Tech fans in all their glory. I even got to meet Ryan's parents for the first time at his dad's 50th birthday party. They were so welcoming and funny. I wish I had taken some pictures of all the fun we had that night! I wish A&M would let me continue my last year from a distance so that I could hang out with Ryan and Kristofer all the time! Those two are so much fun to hang out with.

Ryan really will do anything for a laugh! Even if that means dancing around the kitchen in snowflake shaped oven mitts.

I am laughing right now just thinking about it!! On Sunday I drove home with no problems! i.e. no speeding tickets and NO TRACTORS! I did pass the 30,000 mile mark on my Jetta though. How sad!

This weekend I am going home hopefully to surprise my brother for his last football game! And then on Saturday I am going to Canton! I can't wait because it has been an entire year since I have been there.

That's all folks! Remember...only 16 more days!

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