Raise your hand if you missed me

....anybody? Nah, didn't think so.

Let's see. Since I last posted on this thing I have....

Obtained my beautiful golden ring of goodness...aka my Aggie Ring.

Dunked (poured out) said golden ring of goodness in the world's most disgusting form of hydration. Seriously, if you love me, you will never ever let me smell that stuff* again as long as I live.

*calling it stuff because I have yet to reach a certain legal milestone.


Strangled Showed my boyfriend how thankful I am during Thanksgiving break in Lubbock.

Had an absolute blast with some of the best people I know for the 3rd year in a row over New Years.

*Ryan doesn't take those glasses off.

Skiied down a mountain without dislocating any hips or doing any face plants. Just kidding about that last one.

Somewhere in between all of that I managed to finish my very last fall semester at A&M, convince my family that they are much weirder than I am, and as of Tuesday, I started my last semester at A&M. (Here's to hoping they let me graduate!)

Quick little side note- I have been in Aggieland for 3 spring semesters and I have managed to score myself 3 parking tickets on the first day of every spring semester. I do believe that is talent.

Also, if you are my Facebook friend, then you will have on several occasions seen my statuses concerning my upstairs neighbors. Really, I would like to refer to them as roommates now because I am involved in their conversations. While I acknowledge the fact that our living rooms are tiled, these ladies have absolutely NO volume control.

Trying to decide on what to eat for dinner? Let's discuss it from opposite ends of the house while the dishwasher is on.

That boy you went home with? We should talk about him in full detail over the sound of the TV.

Not kidding people.

Oh and they like to rearrange furniture around midnight and then vacuum. And they wear heels pretty often. And they just got a dog who poops in front of my door.

My mother told me to bang on my ceiling with a broom.  Buuuut, I think I'll resist being the crazy woman downstairs with a broom. For now.

Maybe I should have saved that last little jewel for a "shout-outs and call outs" post. Oh well, stay tuned for more Mary's Law moments...

1 comment:

Kristi Muller said...

Well, I for one have missed you. I have actually checked in several times over the last month to see if you are still here. Glad you posted something new.

Of course I do get to keep up thru facebook so I haven't had to deal with any serious withdrawal symptoms :-)


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