Remember when?

When I was about 8 years old, my mom was driving me and my friend, Haley to gymnastics class and on the way we were probably having some sort of 8 year old conversation when all of a sudden I blurted...out of thin air..."Mufasa."

What had happened though was...I had been thinking about The Lion King movie and the part where the three hyenas are talking about Mufasa and I thought it was so funny how they said it. And then I apparently wanted to try to say it for myself. Out loud.

Haley has never ever let me forget that.

I have the weirdest memory. Ever. I can't remember something I just read or how to drive from point A to point B after I've done it 437 times, but I can remember things like music artists, childhood memories, restaurants, food I've eaten, believe me, the list goes on. And on.

Oh and birthdays. If you tell me your birthday once, I'll remember it forever.

Taylor told me I was weird, but I know he's really happy because he never has to remember anything useless ever again.

I don't have a super memory or anything, I just remember the things everyone else filters out. Like what my mother had for breakfast.

Hopefully you all still love me after this. Oh wait, is anybody there? Anybody?

Anyways, because every post is better with a picture...

Here's Taylor and I over New Years making fun of our first picture picture together.

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Kristi Muller said...

Oh then my birthday is September 29th. Nice to know it will be remembered.


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