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I feel like I start practically all of my blog posts with "So..." I guess it's because that's how I start conversations in real life and it just carries over into my super awesome blog writing. I'm pretty sure I had a couple of english teachers in high school tell me not to write like I talk. But I think that's backwards, I mean if you don't write like you talk/think then how on earth are you supposed to set yourself apart from what everyone else writes?

Oh wait, this post wasn't going to be about writing.

So I'll move on...

It's Friday afternoonish and I'm sitting at work, blogging (shhh!) and also surfing the interwebs (shhh!) and in my perusing I came across Kim Kardashian's fashion tips. Professional, I know. Anyways, she totally said that black and white stripes are in right now and that got me super excited because that means my black and white striped sweater is in!

* Please disregard the axe in Kristofer's hand. And know that no one was harmed on this night :)

So suck it everyone who says I look like an inmate! Kim Kardashian said it's totally the thing to wear!

And besides, I'm pretty sure that sweater cost me like 5 bucks at forever21. So I'm going to wear the mess out of it.

I just thought this was funny because I normally don't shop for or wear "trendy" clothes. I go more for the, "what will go with these great jeans and tennis shoes I'm wearing right now?" look.

I love dressing up and looking nice, but holy cow dressing nice is expensive for a poor college student like myself! I always see features in magazines that will show the super expensive dress and then "cheap" alternative that still costs $90. Seriously, that's a month of groceries for me. I just can't justify spending a lot of money on things like clothes and purses and shoes.

Don't get me wrong, I dream about it.

It's just that I am the daughter of a man who used to make me give him powerpoint slideshows to prove to him that I NEEDED whatever I was asking for. Thanks a lot, Dad. I still go over those powerpoints in my head while I'm shopping today.

Dad drives me NUTS because he thinks I am the most expensive property he has. And then I have to take him to and just show him how lucky he is that I showed restraint and didn't ask him for that new computer I wanted for graduation. And then I take him to the mall and point out the purses girls are carrying and how much they paid for them. And then he's all, oh wow Mary you are so right, I love you. And then five minutes later he tells me my hamburger cost too much.

Feel sorry for me, people.

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