Because I like to keep it real, I thought I would post some "confessions". These are just a few things over the years that I have done and have no idea why. And I think they're funny. And I like to laugh at myself. Because I think I'm hysterical.

1. When I was 10 I was grocery shopping at Wal-Mart with my mom and decided that I needed some lipstick. Trying to deter me from my purchase, Mom told me that I would have to pay for it myself. (I am my father's child-usually this threat works.) I wanted the lipstick SO badly though that I actually did attempt to pay for it with my own money. Along with a bag of skittles. The cashier said my total was something like $1.50 and the only thing my 10-year-old brain could think was, "yeah! what a great deal that lipstick was!" Then I got my receipt and saw that she had only charged me for the skittles.

I stole lipstick! I felt so bad about that for DAYS. And then again when I left my hijacked lipstick in the car and it melted. I don't think I ever wore it anywhere but the house. I do remember that it smelled delicious and tasted weird.

2. I locked both sets of my mom's keys in her car. At 10:00 on a school night.

Because I was 15 and TOTALLY needed a set of my mom's car keys in my purse.

It was the night before a pep-rally at school and I was trying on my cheerleading outfit to make sure it still fit from the week before. (honestly, I don't know why I needed to try it on.) I needed my shoes to complete the outfit, but they were in the car with the rest of my closet. So I went outside to get them and put my mom's set of car keys on the passenger seat while I looked for my shoes. Then I pressed the "unlock" button for the back door which actually turned out to be the "lock" button. Then I shut the front door and discovered my mistake. Dad ended up having to call a locksmith to drive TWENTY miles out to our house to unlock it and paid something absurd like $150. Which of course came out of my savings. And then I got the extra set of keys taken away.

3. When we were little, I used to play "cars" with Jesse. We had this big plastic mat that was an entire suburban city. Complete with Fire Station and grocery store. We had several different types of cars that we used to play with: the bigger ones that you could open the doors on, the tiny matchbox cars, and some random plastic ones. At the beginning we would line them all up and then take turns choosing the ones we wanted. Somehow I ALWAYS talked Jesse into letting me choose two at a time.

I think it all ended up fair though. If I so much as even got near one of his cars while we were playing, he would say my name just loud enough and just in the right tone for mom or dad to come in and make me go play somewhere else. Turd.

I'm sure there are a million things I'm missing, but honestly there's not a whole lot I got away with when I was younger. I still don't get away with anything. My entire life has been trying to figure out a way to dupe my parents and almost 21 years later...NOTHING WORKS. Maybe I should have spent all those years telling the truth.

Although, I probably wouldn't have all of the weird LBMM stories now if I had.

Also, here's a picture that I had taken last weekend while I was at home. Yes, it's a picture of me, but I don't have kids or pets and this blog really is all about me. Sorry.

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