Twin-Tee Won!

In case you missed it...


I can't believe the day finally arrived! It was such a special day spent with two of my favorite people, Vic and Sarah. After I got off work, Sarah and I went shopping for some fun Hawaii clothes and then we met Vic at Cheddars for some Happy Hour margaritas! (My favorite by the way) Then sticking with tradition, we headed to Northgate to have some more fun! I couldn't have a big blowout because I had to wake up the next morning and drive to Austin for my last day of teacher certification training (woo!) So we left Northgate at about 7:30 p.m. They should have given us the early bird special! It was good though because we missed the big Friday night crowds!

I am so thankful for family who also happen to be great friends. Vic and Sarah made me feel so wonderful!

I feel like I've waited for this day for SO long and now that it's finally here I realize that it's not any different! I mean, sure I can order drinks now at dinner but I'm still a big dork.

I guess being 21 also means I'm officially an adult now. WEIRD.

Although, asking for Disney's Princess & the Frog for my birthday probably negates that whole fact so we're still good.

Whenever my birthday rolls around, I always reflect on the past year. And I think 20 was pretty darn good!


I got to visit DC!

Taylor still loves me!

I got my Aggie Ring!

And I had a blast in between!

I wonder what 21 will bring? Hopefully graduation and a big girl job! I can't wait!

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