Too much salsa in one trip

I'm back in Frost after a great weekend in Del Rio with Taylor. Once again the weekend felt like time was set to fast forward. Blah!

One of my favorite things about Taylor being in Texas again is that we can plan trips in a matter of days and not months or weeks! And plus they are about a million times cheaper! Jackpot!

I decided to take off work on Friday so that I could drive down on Thursday night after work and get another entire day with Taylor instead of spending Friday driving. After work, I started my 6 hour drive with my dad's truck loaded down with a dining room table and a dresser. Not even five minutes after I left though, it started POURING from the only dark cloud in the sky. I could literally see where the cloud ended and there was no more rain but there was a school bus in front of me and I could NOT get out of that stupid cloud fast enough.

The rest of my trip was pretty uneventful except for all the "do you even have a brain" drivers on 35. A guy tried to get in my lane while I was beside him and when I slammed on my brakes to avoid his dumb self, I got the bird. Um, RUDE.

Oh and then right before I got to Del Rio, I was managed to run over two raccoons at once. I'm going to leave that part of my trip out though to my dad and if he ever asks why the alignment in his truck is off, I will conveniently have no idea whatsoever.

As soon as I got to Taylor's house, we started unloading all of the goodies I brought him starting with the dresser first. I helped him get it halfway into the house, but then I left the rest of the way up to him while I got out a couple of boxes. After about five minutes, I realized Taylor had not returned from putting the dresser in his room so I went to check on him.

Apparently he was so excited about finally having a dresser that he wanted to immediately put all of his clothes in it. Um Taylor, who do you think out of the two of us is going to unload that dining room table still in the back of the truck?

Hint: Not me.

I did unlock the front door so he could bring the table in so that was my contribution.

On Friday, we shopped a little bit for some more things for Taylor's house. After two Ross trips and two Wal-Mart trips, we ended up with a set of pots and pans, some silverware and a hand food processor. To celebrate, we saw Megamind. For some reason, our 3D glasses were HUGE on both of our heads so even though I had my regular glasses on, I spent the entire movie holding the other ones on my head. Don't worry though, I did not let it affect my mood for once!

That night we cooked our second meal together! I found a delicious recipe for quesadillas that included chicken, bacon, avacado and cheese. Yum! We invited Craig over for dinner and then introduced him to Toy Story 3. The boys kept me laughing and so this time I didn't cry at the end. Thank goodness, because I'm embarrassing when I cry.

Our Saturday was spent watching How I met your mother on DVD. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love doing nothing but watching tv and wearing my pajamas. Hanging out with Taylor while doing those things only put the cherry on top.

Taylor got to use his new food processor that night when he made some salsa. Thanks Whitney for the recipe! And thanks Taylor for building up my spicy threshold so I could enjoy it!

My original idea was to wake up early on Sunday and leave so that I could get home at a decent hour. My one wrench in that plan was the fact that I hate leaving Taylor. So I decided to stick around a little longer and by doing that I got to hang out with Marie and Ryan for a little while. After some lunch at Don Marcelino's, I finally got around to leaving.

That last part is never fun at all. It's like the biggest kick back into reality ever. All the fun of the weekend suddenly leaves and you're driving/flying back where you came from alone to work or school.

Fortunately my trip home was uneventful. I did a lot of singing too loud and bad dance moved. You know, all the things you're SUPPOSED to do while driving.

And now I'm putting off my least favorite chore of unpacking by recounting the weekend before I forget anything. Taylor made fun of me this weekend for taking a week and a half to unpack my suitcase and I have no idea when or how he found out that I have a problem with that. I find it a little creepy actually.

Also, P.S. I actually took pictures this weekend. But until I find a way to put them on my computer with no effort at all, I don't think you'll see them. Maybe when I get Taylor to unpack my suitcase for me, he can do that as well.

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