I'm glad you're mine

Dear Taylor,

Thanks for another awesome Valentine's Day. I can't believe there have been 4 of them already! Time flies when you're having so much fun. I love you lots and can't wait for many more love days with you.


Mine and Taylor's Valentine's celebration was a success. Taylor got me flowers and candy, and we successfully made dinner together. Then we exchanged cards with each other that basically said the exact same thing. Aw. We finished up our night of romance with a movie. We do it big around here!

I have no pictures from the weekend because, oops I did it again. I left my camera in my purse the entire weekend. My bad, y'all. I know everyone wants to see adorable pictures of Taylor and I though so here's a couple from the last time I saw him.

These are perhaps my new favorites because they're just so..y'know, us. This was mine and Taylor's first legal trip at the Dixie Chicken in College Station!

I had a blast once again in Smell Rio and of course it ended too soon. The day I left, Taylor had to be at work by 6:30 AM so I left after he was gone and he came back home after I had left. It was a sad time indeed.

Over the weekend, we celebrated a couple of birthdays, (Happy Bday Ryan and Cohan!) had a banana split at a real ice cream shop, and of course no Mary and Taylor visit would be complete without seeing a movie in theaters.

On Monday, the actual Valentine's Day, Taylor and I hung around the house and watched a lot of television. Since it was my last night in town, we decided to go out to dinner with some friends only to remember at 6 pm what the date was and that we wouldn't be able to get any reservations. So we settled on Chili's. Go us for forgetting the love day.

I can't believe that February is half over. Hopefully by this time next month Taylor will be starting pilot training! Fingers crossed!

Also, if anyone reads this at all, I ask that you send up a prayer for my sweet Momma Too. She was diagnosed with cancer today.

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Taylor said...

I like this post. Love you most!


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