Monday Randomness

I have been terrible at blogging lately. Partly because I don't do anything worth mentioning on a daily basis, but mostly because I am so all over the place, that when I actually sit down to start blogging, I can't string two sentences together. I will start a post, then while trying to link to something or post a picture, I get distracted by a website, and then I realize I have wasted way too much time on said website so I go back to blogger, but by that time I have lost whatever I was going to write down.

I have also written some complete posts, but then I didn't post them. Sometimes I am too self conscious with what I write. Does anyone really want to read about my ten favorite sites to visit or what music I listen to? Probably not.

Somebody needs to invent something I can attach to my brain and it records all of my thoughts. Of course, it would throw out the dumb ones and keep the best ones.

Ok now for some randomness:

Last week I got contacts. Now, I know I am clearly not the first person to ever wear them, but I was still really nervous before my appointment. I had good reason too! After I received all of my instructions about cleaning and putting in my contacts, I had to prove I was capable of doing it on my own. Ten minutes later, all I had to show was watery eyes and running makeup. Finally, after I got one of them in, I couldn't even open my eye. All that effort and the dadgum thing was misshapen and I had to take it out. (Good practice for doing that though, I guess.) Thankfully everything worked out ok and all is right with the world. They took a while to get used to though. I think I even made the comment, "My eyes can see, but my brain doesn't know why!" Also, since I can't sleep in my contacts, the number of naps I take has greatly decreased. BOO!

Last night, I made this necklace:
I found it here. And yes, I used the same colors she did. The Walmarts does not have a great selection of fabric and it was either gray or Disney princesses. It was super easy and even though I think I may have used way more fabric than the original, it still looks pretty good to me.

The Angry Birds app on my iphone came out with an update just in time for the snow day on Friday. I may or may not have beat all 15 of the new levels. Taylor says I have an addiction. I say it's because I'm just that awesome.

Speaking of the snow day...I went outside for about 30 seconds to see how deep it was and then went right back inside. I don't like my fingers and toes being cold so when it snows, I prefer to stay inside.

Since I left my job as a Teacher's Aide, my new workspace has become a desk in my room. When we built our house, I don't think anyone paid much attention to the size of the bedrooms. Not that I live in a shoebox or anything, but there's not much space in here with a queen size bed, dresser, tv stand, and now a desk. Short of hanging my desk on the ceiling, I don't know what to do.

On Thursday, I am going to Del Rio for Valentine's weekend. Woo! I feel like it's been too long since I've seen Taylor.

I'm terrible at picking out gifts and Taylor and I are reallyreally boring so our Valentines date is going to be dinner and a movie at his house. My gift to Taylor will be dinner. I'm not sure that really counts as a gift since my cooking tends to be hit or miss but we'll see. I asked for candy. I'm really hoping for some nerds! I can't wait!

I think that's all the randomness I have for now.

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