I hope this isn't for a grade...

I know everyone is dying to know how my challenges are going. Ok, probably not but I'm going to tell you anyways because I want to.

I haven't had a soft drink since last week! I started this one earlier because I didn't really see the point in waiting until Monday. Water isn't so bad.

The exercising has been put on hold for now. We had major storms already this week so going outside is a no-go and I've been a little sick so I weenied out on that one.

I don't think I've fallen asleep before 2 AM this week, yet. I get really sleepy around 8 PM and then tell myself to hold out a little longer until a normal bedtime but I usually get my second wind around 10 and don't slow down until 2:30ish. TERRIBLE habit, I know.

I didn't do the meal plan thing either. Mom has started tennis season and Jesse is playing about twelve different sports right now so nobody's schedule has really lined up for dinner or grocery shopping.

My other big thing is that I have successfully avoided using Facebook and Twitter as much. I check it once in the morning and then log out until late afternoon. If someone sends me something, I can usually just respond through my e-mail. Of course I checked it quite a bit while I was in the waiting room at the dentist...but that doesn't really count. Right?

I know, I have already failed on 3 out of 5 challenges but maybe I should have picked a week to start these things when I wasn't so busy.

In other news though; last week I had SIX of my teeth filled because of cavities. I didn't go to the dentist at all while I was in college because I was hardly ever at home during the week, so I accumulated lots of dental bills. My dentist decided to do them all at once and by the end, I was ready to wring his neck. The whole thing took about five hours and my mouth was half-numb for two days. And now I can't even chew food on the left side of my mouth because it is still so sore. I think I'm going to have to go back because...OUCH. My teeth don't like ANYTHING touching them, not even water. I would like him to please give me another shot of that feel good stuff so I can eat.

Also in other news, I am driving to Del Rio today! Taylor and I are going to hang out in San Antonio this weekend and then we are driving to Lubbock next week! It will be busy, but really fun.

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