4th of July

I guess it's time to reflect on our eventful 4th of July weekend. You know...3 weeks later. Whatevs.

We decided to drive to Lubbock with our friends, Ryan and Marie after Taylor got off work on a Thursday night. Not even an hour into the drive, we hit a deer. It sounds a lot worse than it actually was though. Taylor's truck, "Betty" took it like a champ. For the rest of the night, we were on high deer alert and it's amazing how many of them we saw standing right beside the road.

I can't really remember the order in which the rest of the events happened over the weekend, I just remember them happening.

One day of the weekend, we went to the farm and shot guns (OH BOY!) and rode around on the four wheeler and ranger. It wouldn't be a trip to the farm with guns if there wasn't a Mary story (or a couple) involved.


You should just know that this is the summary of what I did on the farm.

At one point, Taylor said I would probably be decent at throwing a clay pigeon with the plastic thrower since I was good at tennis. I attempted it and the next thing I knew, the entire thrower and pigeon was behind me. I hit Taylor square in the chest with it. What a horrible girlfriend, I know. 

I only managed to hit one clay pigeon with the shotgun and just as everyone was congratulating me for finally "getting it", I had to break it to them that I actually shut my eyes and squeezed the trigger. Just luck, no skill. I hate being bad at things, but I really don't see myself ever having the desire to better my hunting skills. 



There was even a tractor lesson for the Martelly's included with their farm tour. 

Before we ventured out on the ATV's, I decided to reapply my sunscreen (I'm learning, folks) but really all that happened was some dirt smearing. I thought it was a tan, but after my shower I realized that I am still pasty white. 

On our last day in Lubbock, Marie and I went to Target. It was such a beautiful, welcomed sight that I almost cried. I'm exaggerating, but I really do miss being in civilization. 

Later, we all met up with some of our friends who just had a baby! The last time we saw Paige and Jacob, they had just gotten engaged and now three years later, they have a bambino. Baby Mason didn't join us for our Dairy Queen date, but I've seen pictures and he is adorable so I'll forgive him for flaking out on us. He probably had to do something important like sleep. I would have picked the nap too.

Also on our last night, we had a nice porch time with Kristofer. 


IMG_0199  IMG_0202  IMG_0205

You probably shouldn't be surprised that pictures like these happened. We can't help it. 


Marie and Ryan love Verett Farms!

Luckily, our drive home was uneventful. I managed to sleep through most of it though so I guess I wouldn't really know. I know I left some things out, but that's what I get for being lazy and these are all the pictures I had so I know that we at least went to the farm and took some pictures on the back porch.

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