Goodbye Summer, Hello School

Tomorrow is the first day of my last year of college!

3 weeks ago when summer school ended, I kept saying that I wished the fall semester would go ahead and start! All summer long I had been doing homework every night and worrying about all of my classes so that when they were over, I just didn't know what to do with myself.

Don't worry, I filled my time with lots catching up on sleep, watching Lifetime movies, and just being generally lazy.

I really fell in love with that kind of life....

And now school has to go and ruin it! 
Oh well, only 105 days until Christmas break.

Also happening tomorrow...

If only I could get it tomorrow instead of in November! 
I guess a good lesson in patience won't hurt though.

Since every blog post is better with a picture, and because I love's one from our last visit!


Jaryn said...

You and Taylor look very happy (and cute) together - Lucky girl! Congrats on that Aggie ring of yours! I felt the same way after summer school ended, I would've rather just gone on into the fall but I enjoyed a few lifetime movies too and tons of sleep. Hope your classes go well!

LBMM said...

Thanks! Good luck with all that reading!! I have to have absolutely nothing else to do when I pick up a book so that I can finish it all in one sitting. Multitasking isn't really my thing...


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