Packing Woes

It's almost midnight. I leave in the morning for Del Rio and I have an empty suitcase sitting on my floor.

I HATE packing. It's not so much the pulling out my clothes and organizing them. It's THE DECIDING WHAT TO WEAR part.

I am the worst when it comes to minuscule decisions. Like what movie to watch or which song I want to listen to on my iPhone. And also what outfits to pack in my suitcase.

I usually play out all kinds of "what if" scenarios while looking through my closet. Actually, forget the closet. When I'm packing, I've usually just finished the laundry so I pick what goes into my suitcase and then maybe put everything else away. Sometimes I just leave it in a basket until I wear it. Go ahead, judge away.

Oh ok, back to my what ifs.

"What if we go on a date? I'll definitely need a dress."
"What if the weather cools down? I should bring a longsleeve dress too."
"What if I decide I want to work out? I guess I need socks and tennis shoes too now."
"If the weather cools down, I'll definitely need my cardigans. But which ones? Oh well, I'll bring them all."

Ok, I'm sure you get my point. I either end up with way too many clothes that I never need or I go polar opposite and try to minimize and end up with nothing to wear.

I always have way too many socks. I throw some in my suitcase and then forget and throw some more in until I have 4 pairs. Then I forget my tennis shoes.

My problems continue on to my other bags too. Yes, I said bags with an s. I have my suitcase with all my clothes, my computer bag with all my electronics (I sound like Taylor), and my other bag that holds my shoes and my toiletries. I like to bring options.

Which brings me to my next what if question: "What if I change my mind?" I know it will happen. I'm pretty fickle. When I'm packing, that sundress sounds like a fantastic idea. But when it actually comes to wearing the sundress, I suddenly decide that I don't like how it fits.

I also forget something every time I go somewhere. Usually it's important things like my toothbrush or deodorant. I hope I manage to always forget one or the other of those items. Both would be a bad situation.

So I guess what I'm basically saying is....I'm a mess.

I think you should know that since dating Taylor, my packing has become much less whimsical. I don't ask myself nearly as many what if questions. Plus, the constant traveling to and from Colorado with just carry-ons made me way efficient. There was no way on this planet that I was going to pay $25 EACH WAY just to have extra pairs of shoes. And I also had to learn how to accept that I wouldn't always have the perfect outfit for the situation. It was a hard lesson.

Now that I'm within driving distance though, I may have gone back to my old habits of overpacking. If it fits in my trunk, you better believe it's coming with me!

I'm only complaining because I know this packing business will soon end. Know why?

Because I'm moving!

Finally, Taylor and I are going to be in the same town. After 3.5 years of dating. It's going to be glorious. We may even celebrate with some Mexican food.

Here's one of my favorite pictures from Hawaii. I'm posting it because tonight's Cougar Town was filmed there and it made me want to go back! 


Paige Bailey Photography said...

I am the same way. I seriously have the hardest time packing. Really glad to know I'm not alone in this. lol

The Seidel Six said...

WHAT??? You are going to Del Rio!! So excited!Email me and update me!!


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