MLK 2012

We just got back from our annual trip to College Station for MLK weekend. I'm not sure if it could have come at a better time. Even though we just got back from Christmas break, this long weekend was majorly needed. 

We got to hangout with some of our favorite people, love on the sweetest baby in the world, and eat some pretty awesome/ familiar food. (Hello Wings N' More.)

Since our current town doesn't have many options of the shopping kind, I took advantage of my old haunts during my college years. I'm sure you're just dying to know what I purchased (not) so I'll go ahead and fill you in! Yippee for you! 

I bought some new work pants which is a not so fun way to spend money but I only own like three pair of them and as you might know, there are currently five days in a work week. Four if you don't count blue-jean Friday, which of course I do not because I take advantage of it every single week. It is extremely difficult to find pants of any kind in LBMM size so I did a happy dance when I found some that fit at Old Navy and splurged on two pair. They turned out to be 1/2 off their original price so really I guess 12.99 doesn't count as a splurge. Cue happy dance numero dos from LBMM. 

Don't worry, I made up the difference by purchasing a new pair of running shoes. There happens to be a large event coming up in the next few months that requires the elimination of the muffin top I am currently growing. I am ok with the pain I will be causing myself every time I look at my pretty new shoes though. Also, I bought pink shoe laces because let's be honest here...what girl wants to work out without pink laces? 

I finished my shopping spree with a new Aggie shirt and keychain. It's almost like I'm in college again and preparing for a new semester. If only...

Um, that really should not have taken up so much blog space. Sorry peeps. 

Back to our regularly scheduled blog post now. 

This is basically all I paid attention to the entire weekend. I am so glad Vic and Sarah don't mind me stealing their child when I visit. (They haven't told me if they do so until they do, we'll pretend they're ok with it.) He is almost too cute for words. 

 Singing into his hair brush. When he is famous one day, we will be able to show these pictures to the world. You're welcome, buddy.

Playing with Uncle Taylor. Maybe next time we'll talk him into changing a dirty diaper.

How do you improvise a wagon ride when it's cold and windy outside? You make one out of a laundry basket! Just as much fun - minus the no wheels equals extra work for mom part. 

Kristofer's first Atticus meeting. It went well as you can see. 

I already miss everyone and will be very disappointed tomorrow morning when I wake up and there's no smiling baby to play with. Thank goodness for all the wedding fun coming up so we can see our favorite people again soon. 

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Unknown said...

We miss College Station. What a fun weekend! You're going to have such a fun spring getting ready for your wedding. Enjoy!


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