A True LBMM Story

So, this past weekend was our wedding shower back in my hometown. I was so super prepared for this one, too. Last weekend, I drove straight from work at 3:50 and we were on the road by 4:15. Serious business.

This time though, I took the afternoon off so I could take my time and get all of our stuff together before we left. I even had the bright idea to go switch cars with Taylor while he was flying so that I could load everything up and he could just change and get in the car. Nope. I couldn't find his spare keys. That just so happened to be sitting on his desk in plain sight. I'm awesome. Regardless though, we managed to get on the road by 4:30 and I didn't forget anything that we needed.

A quick side note though: a couple of weeks ago, I ordered a dress online and once it came in, I was kind of undecided about the fit, so I just threw it into my clean clothes pile so I could ponder some more on it before I kept or returned it. Well, my roommate's housekeeper had other plans for my dress. She washed it. Tags included. I couldn't return it then so I guess my decision was made for me. It ended up being a really cute dress and I wore it to the shower so no permanent harm was actually done. End side note.

Ok, now back to my endless story. Since the shower was in the afternoon, we got to spend some quality time with baby Atticus and his parents. They are no longer known as Vic and Sarah. Only Atticus's parents. Taylor tried to talk us into letting him stay with the men while we went to the shower, but I knew he would be adorable and take the focus off of me, so I made sure he accompanied the ladies. He didn't disappoint, either.

After the shower was over, (which was fantastic b-t-dubs. I am so thankful to have grown up with so many kind ladies who helped put it together!) I was in charge of carrying the cake home...without a cover over my lap. The trip back home was a success and I was so proud of myself for walking in heels over a cattle guard with a giant cake that I didn't even realize that I left my purse and all of my belongings in Taylor's Mom's car. It took me a whole 3 hours to figure out my mistake. I feel like only I do stuff like this. ALL.THE.TIME.

Taylor usually makes fun of me for leaving bits and pieces of my belongings all over the place and so the one time that I have all of my things in one place, I leave the whole purse somewhere it shouldn't be. Literally, all of my possessions. My glasses, my wallet, my car keys, my school keys, money, id's. ALL OF IT! I even made a joke earlier in the day that I was going to leave my purse in the car during the shower because chances are good I would set it down and leave it somewhere. Oh hey foreshadowing, there you are.

It didn't really make sense to have Taylor's mom drive back and meet us halfway to pick it up, so she overnighted it to me Monday morning. It has been quite the logistical nightmare since we got back. I couldn't remember at first where my spare key was for my car, so I had to drive Taylor's truck to work, and then I had to wait outside the base for him to come drive his own truck onto base because I am driving without a license and the military tends to frown upon letting people in without id's.

This is going to go down as one of my most embarrassing moments. EVER. Taylor said he wanted to be more mad at me than he was, but figured my trying to survive without my glasses for the next couple of days was punishment enough. Again, so embarrassing.

On our way back home on Sunday, we stopped in San Antonio to take in a viewing of the Blue Man Group. We bought some really sweet tickets that included Valet parking and some extra leg room in the theater. Last year we saw Wicked in the same theater, and there's not much I wouldn't have given for some extra leg room. Even my LBMM sized legs had a really hard time. The show was so fun, but probably would have been more enjoyable if I had been able to make out their faces.

After a quick stop at Taco Bell, our weekend was complete. We came home and unloaded our stuff and once again, it took all I had to not take everything out of it's box and just look at it. Excited countdown to our first home starts now!

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The Seidel Six said...

While I hate that this happened, I sort of can't stop laughing. Your blogs are just so funny and this is definitely something that you will not forget..and if you do, then taylor will be sure to remind you. :) And I love being known as Atticus' parents! haha


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